Soft Opening
On 24th June 2012, Singapore Piaget Academy announced her arrival into the new campus in majestic fashion. Gracing the opening ceremony were distinguished guests like, Drs. H. Rahudman Harahap MM, the Mayor for Medan, Mr. Irjen Pol Wisjnu Amat Sastro, the Chief of Police for North Sumatera, Mr. Zhang, the representative from the Consulate of China and Dr. Yap Meen Sheng, representative from our Board of Governors, together with close to 2000 members from the public.   

The opening ceremony was divided into three segments. The symbolic cutting of ribbon with Gondang Batak Performance at the main entrance of the school, Nasi Tumpeng cutting with Angklung Performance at the main lobby of the school followed by the lighting of firecrackers and freeing of 280 birds accompanied with a Lion dance involving 28 lions from the local Lion Dance Troupe. Guests were also treated to acrobatic stunts, Tea-master’s skillful acts and the world-renowned Szechuan Face-changing performance by performers all the way from China as part of the opening ceremony.

 Throughout the day, a local Batak Band and the musicians from ERA Musika serenaded visitors with their enchanting violin and guitar performance. On-the-spot individual portrait painting for guests were also available as there were 4 artists placed all around the school.

With the help of staff and students who volunteered themselves during this event and with full support from our guests, the event ended on a high note with a Gondang Batak performance at approximately 6pm.